General Terms and Conditions of Use for DJH Youth Hostels in Unterweser-Ems

These Terms and Conditions apply with effect as from 01.01.2012 

General DJH Youth Hostels and Youth Guest Houses (hereinafter also referred to as “YH”) are premises owned or run by the regional associations of the Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk [“German Youth Hostel Federation - abbreviated DJH] or other organizations affiliated to the DJH. The precondition for admission to stay at a YH is membership of the DJH or another member association of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). Membership can also be acquired on site in the youth hostels. Youth hostels are primarily intended for use by young people and families. Groups of children and juveniles must be accompanied by at least one adult with responsibility for supervising them.

1. Reservation

1.1 Guests can reserve their stay in person, by telephone, telefax, post or email, and also online.

1.2 A reservation inquiry should include the following information: Name, address, date of arrival and date of departure, number of persons, with statement of their gender, date of birth and membership number (if membership is already held), and, in the case of families, age of children, and catering wishes.

1.3 The reservation will become binding on both parties on issue of a written or oral acceptance of the reservation or the conclusion of a written booking agreement.

1.4 A written booking agreement must be concluded with families, groups, or persons intending to stay for an extended period of time.

1.5 Guests arriving without a prior reservation can only stay overnight if sufficient accommodation is still available.

2. Payment

Payment for the stay in the YH is due on arrival at the YH at the latest. The YH may demand a part-payment in advance. All further details are set forth in the booking agreement concluded.

3. Cancellation

3.1 Guests without a written booking agreement can cancel their booking by telephone. The cancellation must have been received by the YH not later than 18:00h (6.00 p.m.) on the day before the scheduled date of arrival.

3.2 Guests who have concluded a written booking agreement must cancel in writing. Unless agreed otherwise in the booking agreement, the written cancellation must be received by the YH at least eight weeks before the scheduled date of arrival. A change in the number of participant must also be notified at least eight weeks before the scheduled date of arrival.

3.3 In the case of bookings which are made less than eight weeks before the scheduled date of arrival and are subsequently cancelled, the provisions stated in the section »Cancellation Fee« will apply in all cases apply.

3.4 Youth hostels have the right, due to non-availability of the promised or agreed accommodation or other performance, to cancel reservations or written booking agreements up to four weeks before the scheduled date of arrival. In any such case, the YH must inform the guests concerned of the non-availability without delay and refund to them any payments already made. The guests concerned will be assisted in searching for alternative accommodation.

4. Cancellation Fee

4.1 If the periods of notice for cancellation are not met or if guests fail to show at all, the YH will charge a cancellation fee per person and day which is structured as follows: 90% of the price for a bed & breakfast arrangement, 70% of the price for a bed & half-board arrangement, and 60% of the price for a bed & full board arrangement.

4.2 In the case of group bookings (10 persons or more), the group which actually comes to the YH may consist of up to 10% fewer persons without a cancellation fee being incurred (see Section 4.1 above). If more than 10% of the persons for whom the reservation was made are lacking, the stipulations relating to cancellation fees which are set forth in Section 4.1 will apply. In this case, the cancellation fee will be calculated on the basis of the total number of persons and the performance package booked.

4.3 The cancellation fee will be waived if the agreed accommodation and services are utilized by other guests.

5. Membership
The presentation of a valid membership card is the precondition for use of a youth hostel.

6. Personal Membership

6.1 A membership card can be acquired by all persons with a permanent abode in Germany from all DJH membership card issuing points (including youth hostels and business offices of the DJH regional associations).

6.2 Individual guests up to the age of 26 are issued with a Junior Card. Individual guests aged over 26 and also families are issued with the “Familie/27plus” (FAM/27plus) card. Groups of two or more persons living in a marriage-like relationship are treated as families if they live at the same address. A separate membership card can be issued for each family member.

6.3 Family membership cards (FAM/27plus) entitle the card holder, who must be of age, to be accompanied by his/her own minor children and other minor children who are friends of the family.
General Terms and Conditions of Use for DJH Youth Hostels and Youth Guest Houses in Westphalia-Lippe

6.4 Foreign guests who are not members of an association affiliated to the IYHF can acquire an “International Guest Card” (Welcome Stamps) on site.

7. Membership by Organizations

7.1 Schools, youth groups, clubs and societies, associations, foundations, firms, corporate bodies and other organizations can acquire corporate membership and are issued with a group membership card. Membership is governed by the statutes of the DJH Federation and the DJH Regional Associations.

7.2 The group membership card entitles the leader to stay with a group overnight in a youth hostel. The group membership card is not a substitute for individual membership. It is not transferrable to other institutions or persons.

7.3 A group consists of at least four people, including the leader. Group leaders must be aged at least 16. 7.4 Group membership cards are not issued to travel agencies or other enterprises which arrange or organize travel by way of business. Also where the booking is made through an intermediary or agent, the travelling group must nevertheless have its own membership.

8. Prices

Unless other prices are agreed in a booking agreement, the prices charged are those set forth in the price list of the regional association or youth hostel concerned in force at the time of receipt of the reservation inquiry. Price lists can be obtained from the DJH regional associations and the youth hostels and can be seen on the Internet.

9. Liability

9.1 Guests who cause damage to buildings, furnishings, fittings and equipment will be held liable for compensation in accordance with the statutory regulations (including parents/ guardians and organizers).

9.2 The YH may be held liable for loss or theft of or damage to items of values only if the items concerned have been expressly placed in the custody of the YH manager or his/her representative, unless the DJH or any of its bodies, agents, employees or assistants have caused the loss or damage with wilful intent or gross negligence. Also in this case, the statutory regulations shall apply.

9.3 No liability will be assumed for damage to motor vehicles (and their contents) or bicycles located on the premises of the YH unless the damage has been caused by wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the DJH or any of its bodies, agents, employees or assistants.

Valid: 01/2012 


Rules for Youth Hostels

The DJH wishes all its guests a pleasant and enjoyable stay in its youth hostels! Youth hostels offer a wealth of opportunities for our guests to meet each other and bring together people of all age groups and from different cultural backgrounds, all with their own individual habits, ways of behaving and needs. All youth hostels therefore have rules which aim to take account of these different needs and prevent tension between guests. We therefore kindly all guests to respect and follow these rules. Group leaders and teachers are responsible for their groups.

1. Arrival

1.1 If you have reserved in advance, you can agree your arrival time individually with the hostel management. Promised places will be kept until 6 p.m. (18:00 h); after that, they may be given to other visitors.

1.2 If you have not made a reservation, you can inquire either by telephone or in person at the youth hostel whether any beds are still available.

1.3 Anyone wishing to stay in a youth hospital or make use of the other services offered must be a member of the DJH or another national youth hostel association. Visitors who are resident in Germany but have no membership card can become a member at the youth hostel; foreign guests with no membership card must acquire an “International Guest Card”.

2. Accommodation

2.1 Sleeping accommodation is provided in shared rooms, and is normally separate for male and female visitors. Families can be accommodated in one room by prior reservation and if a single room is available.

2.2 During your stay, we ask for your assistance. That includes, for instance, keeping the rooms, facilities and items used by you in good order and helping with setting and clearing tables.

2.3 The youth hostels are committed to protecting the environment and nature. We therefore request you to separate your waste and dispose of it appropriately or to avoid waste altogether, and to use energy and water economically.

2.4 Food may not be prepared or eaten in bedrooms. For fire safety, insurance and health reasons, the use of electrical appliances for the preparation of food or hot drinks is not permitted.

2.5 Smoking is not permitted in the youth hostel.

2.6 The consumption of alcoholic beverages purchased outside the hostel is not permitted inside the hostel or in the hostel grounds. Guests who have had too much to drink may be expelled from the premises.

2.7 Animals are not normally allowed into the hostel. Guide dogs for the blind and other service dogs may, however, be allowed in with the consent of the hostel management.

2.8 Youth hostels normally keep their doors open until 10 p.m. (22:00h).

2.9 The period of night time quiet is from10 p.m. until 7 a.m. All guests are requested to be as quiet and considerate as possible so as not to disturb the others’ rest.

2.10 Please have consideration for the other guests, especially when using electronic media.

3. Departure

3.1 Bedrooms must be vacated by 10 a.m.

3.2 Exceptions are possible by agreement with the hostel management.

4. Authority

4.1 The hostel manager or his/her deputy exercises authority within the youth hostel on behalf of the owning body.

4.2 The afore-named persons have the right to ban or bar guests from the hostel for failure to comply with the hostel rules. The reasons for the ban will be given orally. These hostel rules were adopted by resolution of the General Assembly of 15 November 2008 in Bremen